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Due to the hefty cost of shipping to the USA for even non tracked shipping, I came up with a way to offer USA buyers a second shipping method that's not only cheaper than standard shipping but is also still tracked the entire way to you! 

With the help of a trusted manager based in the USA (aka my amazing friend Jin from @jinandyangny) she receives the GO parcels I send her and then sticks usps labels on each parcel to save you guys on shipping!

This way I have been able to offer group order shipping as a permanent shipping method in my shop.

In a nutshell:

If you select group order shipping at checkout as your shipping method:

- there will be no further payments required for shipping on top of the amount you pay at checkout when placing your order (just like other regular shipping methods)

- your order will be tracked the entire way, but with 2 separate tracking numbers

- the tracking # in your shipping email from me is the USPS tracking which you can use to track your parcel when it has reached the USA. To track the joint parcel going from me to the manager in New York, click here.


Other things to note:

- to ensure there are enough joiners to keep the cost as low as it is, group orders are only shipped out once every 2 weeks approximately. Therefore my regular shop processing times do not apply to this shipping method. That being said, this varies depending on my sales volume each month so sometimes group orders can be shipped out sooner.

- the estimated delivery time of 3 weeks for this shipping method is inclusive of the timeframe I give to my group order managers to drop the parcels off at the post. Please keep this in mind before contacting me about a delay with your order being shipped as I need to respect the manager's other obligations in her life and cannot expect her to ship out the packages immediately upon receiving them. 

Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 7.45.18 pm.png

Track the joint parcel here!

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