Thank you so much for visiting my site! Please read my FAQs and Policies page carefully if this is your first time shopping :)

If you still have questions, you can contact me through my contact, live chat, or by dms on instagram @kciart

Frequently asked questions

Do you ship worldwide?

- Yes I ship worldwide, with a few exceptions due to covid. Please reach out to me about whether I can ship to your country at this time.

If I placed multiple orders, can I combine them?

Yes! If you already placed an order and want to place a new one and have them combined, please use code COMBINE so that the shipping cost is cancelled out on the new order/s. If you already placed multiple orders and want to have them combined, please email me with the order numbers and I will manually refund you any excess shipping costs. *please note that if your orders are all untracked, it is much harder for there to be excess shipping cost as the shipping cost is priced pretty accurately according to what you order. This means that combining untracked orders together will usually mean you won't get much of a refund.

Will you restock item "____"? When will your next shop update be?

- For info and updates on which items will be restocked and when, please stay updated on my instagram @kciart - If you'd like to request a restock on a sold out item and be emailed if it ever does get restocked, please fill in the 'PRODUCT RESTOCK FORM' at the footer of my site.

It's been ___long, and I still haven't received my package. Can you track it?

If you chose untracked shipping at checkout, it is impossible for me to track your package. Please double check your order confirmation email for which shipping method you selected. If you selected tracking, you would have received a tracking number in your shipping email. I provide shipping estimates per region and per shipping method on my 'shipping info' page. Please have a look through this page for estimated delivery times. Please note that these are just estimates which means I can't guarantee a specific delivery date as it is up to the shipping carrier/postal service to deliver the item to you. I cannot control what happens to the package once I hand it over to them. I urge you not to worry if your package is delayed, as package delays are almost always due to customs or the shipping carriers themselves. Your item is most likely not lost. Out of the hundreds of orders i've shipped all around the world only 1 has been reported lost in the mail so please don't worry too much. That being said, if you choose untracked shipping, as per my shop policy I am not held responsible for packages lost on the way and cannot provide you with a refund or reshipping of the product. I am only able to do this if a TRACKED pacakge goes missing, as there is proof of non delivery through the tracking number. Please purchase tracked shipping if you want extra security for your order.

Can you deliver by { } date?

I can't ever guarantee delivery by a specific date as the package is out of my hands once i pass it over to the postal service. If you are an international buyer especially, please order at least 3 months in advance for standard shipping and at least 2 months in advance for tracked shipping method if you need it for a sepcific date eg. as a birthday gift.

What is a preorder and why do you need it?

I'm glad you're interested in my product! As I'm a small business owner who designs, packs, sends and does almost everything myself I cannot afford the cost of getting many products produced, especially due to the large minumum order quantity needed to produce most items. Therefore to get a single design made into a physical product I need the help of pre-order buyers to fund production and bring my designs to life! On some items I do fund them myself where possible but most of the time it is because of my lovely buyers that I am able to turn my designs into a physical product. <3 Due to the long times preorder buyers must wait for their items (production on most items takes about 1-2 months), there are extra perks to preordering: - cheapest price for the product - extra freebies with their orders - preorder items are shipped first before buyers who order the instock versions

How much does this item cost in my currency?

All items are displayed in USD but I have a currency converter at the top of my site. You can select your currency in the drop down and all prices on my site will then be changed to the selected currency so that you can use to get an estimate of how much the item/s will cost you <3

Can I cancel my order?

I do not offer cancellations so please be 1000% sure you want to make the purchase before doing so. <3

How does COVID-19 affect my order? Can you ship to my country at this time?

Information about shipping prices and shipping times can be found on my 'shipping info' page. Please check out this page for more details on shipping. Please reach out to me if you want to know whether I can ship to your country at this time. I'd like to state that I don't offer cancellations so please make a purchase only if you accept that there may be delays with shipping due to the pandemic or if you plan to make a purchase and you're from one of the countries on the suspended countries list, please only place your order if you can accept to wait until I am able to ship to your country.

What is A, B and C grade for pins?

A grade = very minor imperfections which can only be seen upon close inspection. These pins are the best of the batch.
B grade = minor imperfections that are a little bit more noticeable but still need to look at it closely to notice.
C grade = these imperfections are immediately noticeable and may include: scuffed enamel, missing spots of enamel, lines of the metal not showing completely, some dark spots etc.

Can I hold a Group Order for my country?

First of all, i'm extremely thankful that you're interested in managing a GO with my products! If this is something you'd like to do please contact me BEFORE placing your order. - Just a heads up that group orders will require you to pay for tracked shipping method, I will not ship group orders out with the standard shipping method. If you have any other questions, please contact me through live chat here on my website, dm on instagram, or email me at kcimaginearts@gmail.com Thank you :)