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All of your lovely orders are packaged with heaps of love and care and shipped from my home in Melbourne Australia.

As I'm a team of just 1, although I try my best to pack orders as quickly as I can, during busier times you may have to wait a little longer for your items to ship. 

I normally aim to ship orders out within the week they are placed but I appreciate your patience and support if it takes me up to 2 weeks or (on the rare occasion) more to ship.


*final shipping cost depends on the total weight of your order which is why they are presented below in ranges.

For an accurate shipping price of your order, please start the checkout process. 

NA = Not Applicable/Not Available


*delivery times may be impacted by worldly events so please keep this in mind when ordering.

*they may also vary for rural areas



After placing your order (woo hooo!), you will get an order confirmation email to the email address you entered during the checkout process. Send me an email or message if you didn't get this confirmation email within 24hrs, but please check your spam first!

Once your order is packed and ready to go, you will receive an automated shipping confirmation email which will include your tracking number if you have chosen a tracked shipping method.

Your tracking info will become available once the shipping courier has picked up your parcel and scanned it into their system so please allow for this slight delay before your tracking updates show up.

All orders are packed in the order that they are placed so please note that even if you choose express shipping, it does not mean I will give it priority packing.

If you forgot to use a discount/coupon code on an order that's already been processed, you may only receive the discount in the form of shop credit as the entering of codes are the buyers' responsibility.




All duties and fees related to customs are the full responsibility of the buyer. Please contact your local customs office if you require any information about customs, duties and taxes. 


Although I am based in Australia, my shop currency is $USD. I have a currency converter on the header of my site which allows you to choose which currency to display the shop prices in. However all orders will be transacted in USD Dollars at checkout. Any prices not shown in USD on my site are just estimates of the final order amount based on current currency conversion rates. As mentioned above, order totals/prices in my shop do not reflect any further taxes, duties or fees that may apply to your parcel by your local customs.
Refunds for any reason will be credited back to you in USD Dollars at the current exchange rate.      



This applies to all the below issues about your order; please get in contact with me ASAP! I am unable to open investigations with the courier after a certain amount of time has passed (approx. 3 months after the ship date) as they delete the tracking info from their systems after that time. This means that if you email me about a missing order/damaged items etc 3 months later, even if you have paid for tracked shipping I will not be able to help you. 

It's extremely important to contact me immediately or relatively soon after you've receive the parcel or soon after the estimated date of when the parcel was supposed to arrive. Thank you!



For tracked orders ~ If you feel that your order has gone missing because it has not arrived within 2 weeks of its expected delivery date, please contact me so I can help resolve this issue with you. Couriers have their own investigation processes so I will get in contact with them about your parcel to hopefully locate it or to confirm that it has been lost. If it has been lost the courier will compensate me for it and then I'll be able to compensate you either by refunding you or reshipping your products if they're still available and if that's what you would prefer.

*If the order was lost due to a wrong shipping address being entered by the buyer, there will be no compensation for the order or shipping costs. 

**If the order is stolen from your mailbox/porch or goes missing after it has been marked as delivered, there will be no compensation for the order or shipping costs. If you feel that your order actually wasn't delivered even though it has been marked as such, this is an issue that you will have to bring up with your local post to investigate. 


For non tracked orders ~ there is no compensation available. By choosing this method, you are acknowledging that there will be no refund or reshipping of the product/s should they be lost during transit. 

The reason for this is that the courier services I use to ship orders don't include compensation for non tracked methods. Thank you for your understanding <3


I am so sorry if you received a damaged or faulty item! On rare occasions postal workers may handle your package too rough. If this has happened please make sure to take photos of the item/s and packaging upon receipt of the package and send me an email with the photos and details.

However please do not expect any compensation from me if you do not reach out to me relatively soon after the package is delivered with all the necessary evidence for me to open an investigation with the courier.

There is no way for me to get compensation from the shipping courier if you have thrown the packaging or item/s out before taking photos or if you contact me many weeks or months after your order was marked as delivered. I thank you for your co-operation.

Please also note that if you chose a non tracked shipping method you may not be eligible for compensation for a damaged item unless I feel that it was due to inadequate packaging on my part. As mentioned in the above section on missing packages; by choosing non tracked shipping you agree to not receive compensation for lost or damaged packages. I do review each incident on a case by case basis though, so if I feel that it was my fault for the damage rather than the postal service's, I will offer compensation even if you didn't order tracked shipping.


Again, so so sorry if this happens! I am human after all and may on very rare occasions make a mistake with your order. (Please don't hate me too much or I'll cry huhuuu T^T)

Again, if there is anything wrong with your order eg. damaged or missing item, please get in contact with me immediately or soon after receiving your parcel with photos of what you received and the packaging so that I can sort it out for you! Thank you so much! <3



It is very important to me to be eco friendly so I put in my best effort to make my packaging eco friendly without compromising its effectiveness (and cuteness of course!)

- padded mailers/mailing boxes/rigid mailers are made from recycled material

- non padded mailers are 100% biodegradable (the large white mailers I use for apparel are plastic but they were ordered in bulk by past me when I first started my business so I'm still going through my stock. Once they're gone I will look for a biodegradable option just like my smaller mailers)

- bubble wrap/small plastic sleeves/any other assorted plastics are reused from mail I receive

- packaging paper/tissue paper/packaging envelopes are recyclable Kraft or white paper

- no invoices or packing slips are printed in order to reduce the amount of unnecessary printing

- plastic backing sheets of the shipping labels are reused as packaging material

- any new plastics eg. plastic sleeves for prints, are used out of necessity to protect the items

It's still not perfect but as my business grows I will be able to afford to pay more for eco friendly materials. Thank you so much for supporting this small business!

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