Welcome to my policies page. More info can be found in my FAQs page. I encourage you to read through both of these pages before making a purchase if you are a first time buyer at my shop as it will really help to prevent any misunderstandings and concerns. If you have any other questions not addressed in these pages please contact me through the contact page, live chat or my DMs on insta.

Shipping Policy


- It's more affordable than tracked shipping

- however if you choose this method, please do so at your own risk as I am not responsible for missing or damaged packages with this option

- this is because once I hand your package over to the postal service, it is in their hands and they will not compensate me for any packages that are lost/damaged. I will do my best to resolve the situation either way but please do not expect a refund for a lost/damaged package unless you paid for tracking and can prove non delivery with the tracking code. 

- Lost/damaged packages are extremely rare but in the event that it happens, only a tracked order can be compensated/reshipped.

- you can choose your shipping option at checkout. For some countries only tracked option is available so you don't have to worry about this :)


- I offer this for those who want much faster shipping, tracking updates, and who want to guarantee that they will get their items reshipped or refunded should anything happen to the package during transit (I have rarely had a package lost or damaged but if you want extra peace of mind about your order, tracking is the way to go!)

- That being said, once a package has been marked as delivered, neither I nor the shipping company is responsible for stolen packages. If you believe the postal worker did not deliver the package, you will need to contact the shipping service/your local post for an investigation/claim.

For USA buyers, if you are worried that your package may get stolen, please select "GROUP ORDER + INSURANCE" shipping option at checkout. This will cover you with USPS for stolen parcels when making your claim.

As an independent seller I desperately want you to receive your item/s that were made with lots of effort and love and for you to be happy with the shopping experience so I do my absolute best to make sure this happens. If you have any concerns with your order please contact me so I can try to help.